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2011-07-31 11:45:34

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Lots of building of new vivs and enclosures is happening at the moment for both Reef’s Reptiles existing animals and new ones. Yes we do have a new snake and we will be getting two other new creatures later this year!  One of the first things that pet owners discover is that animals grow! Animal’s needs are constantly changing and needing to be met....You can imagine then with over 50 animals, change is part of the norm for us. Nagaire our African grey parrot has even added drilling noises to her vast repetoire of sounds and phrases, so even when the noisy part of construction has finished we will have the pleasure of it over and over again Negaire style but at least Albi the albino Burmese python and our new python have a nice new roomy home, the enclosure and equipment for the newcomers is nearing completion  and many others have newly converted homes too thanks to Reef, who is very creative with his vivs and enclosure building. Our chams are also getting a new watering system installed (the old one being me with a hand sprayer).

All our fans on Facebook have no doubt already seen that there is a clip of Reef’s Reptiles in action on Youtube but here it is if you missed it. Thanks to everyone who helped with filming, backing music and the daunting task of editing it. I think it came out great!

Ofcause we have had lots of parties and events as well. Wow it was hot yesterday at the event for the ‘friends of the Thompson Centre‘in Parr. We actually had to cool the animals down while we were out (usually we need to keep them all warm). It was a good day though and we even managed to put up our marquee with relatively no problems.  Osca the bosc was fascinated all day with a fly which kept landing on top of the marquee. It was good job that none of our insect loving lizards noticed the stall we were next to (the bee man). It was actually quite fascinating watching the honey bees. Chameleons in particular will eat bees given the chance!

Gardening....well that probably doesn't sound like anything to do with Reef's Reptiles but trust me I have been doing a special kind of gardening. Ofcause we do have a normal garden (apart from all the lizard sheds) but where as most people spend a lot of time weeding, I have been planting weeds! I have just planted a new batch of tortoise seed (which is basically edible weeds) and is much better for tortoises than shop bought veg and Ive planted some mixed salad greens and also some dandelions. The bearded dragons, iguana, plated lizard, veiled chameleons...just about all the veg eating animals love dandelions. I will also be planting some rocket (a herb) shortly for them to. I get asked a lot about what tortoises eat but the answer is quite complicated because different types of tortoise eat different general though weeds that you find in your garden such as clover, shepherds purse, chickweed, plantain, bindweed is usually OK. Variety is the spice of life! and there are lots of good rescources online that list safe plants and correct diet for torts.