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Reef has been back and to to the vets with Annie, one of our iguanas. She has a lovely big laying box to lay her eggs in but didnt want to use it! Well she has been in it and did have a bit of a dig around but didnt seem to know what it was for. She was so heavily gravid poor girl...she must have been really uncomfortable. Hopefully she will have finished laying all her eggs by tomorrow, although she is still not interested in the laying box and has been depositing eggs one at a time on the floor of her enclosure and up on her basking platform. Annie is eating well and is a lot more active now that she is not as fat with eggs. We have recently picked up a baby rescue iggy who is now doing very well despite a missing hand. He is also a very good eater but is understandable still quite shy and nervous of everything. All our other animals are fit and well. Chico (Burmese python) got to sunbathe on the grass for a good long while at Halewood park on Sunday. It was a suprisingly hot day and some of the animals had to be kept down on the floor in the shade to prevent them from overheating. I was tempted to use the animals water sprayer to cool me down! Reef's Reptiles shared a Marquee with some very arty/crafty people making some amazing bogerts from clay, twigs and berries. Some of the bogerts the kids made were just brilliant!

Reef's Reptiles new website is really taking shape now! It is a little behind schedual but should be finished and going live anyday now! Our web designer/programmer has been working ever so hard to get it just right and it will be fab when it's completed.

I did say that I was going to do a painting of one of our chameleons....but I have still not done it yet! however I did do a scraperboard of Kato only this afternoon so I thought I would share that with you instead. Hope you like it!