Pogels first party

2011-11-28 11:34:52

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   The nights are drawing in and there is a definite chill in the air now. Our lizard shed has its winter heater permanently on and the summer fans will not be in use for another year.  We had lots of fun Halloween parties not long ago and now we have Christmas parties to look forward to.  It was Pogels first appearance at a party the other day, so special care and attention was taken to make sure he was OK. People often laugh when they see hot water bottles in with our animals, but sometimes that is the best solution when we are out and about to keep them comfortable.

   Some of you may remember that our two veiled chameleons had some beautiful babies last year and we just could not bear to part with one of the little males whom we named Pogel. All of Pogels brothers and sisters were perfect little copies of their parents Jester and Juliet and went off to good homes but Pogel had a crooked cask! He is perfectly fit and healthy in every other way but for some unknown reason his cask bends down a bit like a smurfs hat... so I decided that we just had to keep him (baby chameleons are so cute) It’s a good job Reef doesn’t mind building vivs. Pogel is far from shy. He is an inquisitive and feisty little fella. He always thinks I have food for him and has had my finger with that sticky tongue of his a few times when he presumed I have food in my hand but didn’t. He watches my hands everywhere just in case I have a cricket, locust or some other yummy treat. Veg he does eat but rarely takes it from my fingers and has been known to hiss at me in disgust when I offer greens and he was expecting something a bit more meaty. When I open up his vivarium door sometimes he comes climbing out to explore... but I was not sure how he would take to meeting lots of children at a party (not all chameleons like the fame) but I need not have fretted.  He was a bit nervous – I could tell that by the way his tiny needle sharp claws were pinching into my arm! But we kept his first party appearance quite brief to avoid stressing him. He was very well behaved and his eyes were just everywhere! I am sure that he will be coming on many more parties with us.