Mud, Monitors, Mrs and Mini agamas

2012-08-25 09:13:11

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Well apologies for the lapse in updating our blog but we have been super busy with Fetes and Fun Days all over place, some of which were nearly cancelled due to the muddiness and there were indeed people who did get their vehicles a bit stuck!

 Reef has also been busy re-doing our garden which includes a lovely new tortoise enclosure for our three torts Buttercup, Herman and of cause Chips. We also have an outdoor enclosure for our chameleons now (for the really warm days, which we have had a few of here and there). The latest members of our crew are some very tiny baby painted agamas which will hopefully be big enough to go in with our adult agama girl soon and also a new monitor lizard, after the sad loss of Osca (our little bosc who passed away a short while ago). Our new monitor is called Nial and he is not ready for parties just yet. He will need plenty of time to settle in and get used to being handled, however I can’t wait for you all to see him because he is such a handsome boy.

You may have noticed on the website that my name (Elizabeth) is now next to Reefs name (phil) on the front page, as I am now officially a proprietor of Reef’s Reptiles and just to add to my new title I will also be changing my surname, come October, as Reef and I are getting married.