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2012-11-27 08:06:43

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Behind every successful childrenís birthday party is a mum, dad etc who has organised it! I have to admit that when I was at school I did not get invited to hundreds of birthday celebrations.  In fact you could count my invites on your fingers. Maybe I wasnít very popular LOL but to be honest I donít remember birthday parties ever being so popular or as much fun as they are now. Great news for all todayís little partygoers, however the more kids having parties there are and the more difficult it is for parents to come up with ideas.


 Luckily for Reefís Reptiles, animals never seem to lose their appeal! Not even when the kids are all grown up. We are the entertainment for so many different kinds of themed party . . . Jungle / safari / bugs / zoo / animals / snakes / and of cause what we are known for best, Reptile parties. There are certain TV programs that also increase the popularity of parties with the more unusual exotic animals. So a big thank you to Deadly60 and Iím a Celebrity get me out of here, for that. I think some of the children and adults we come across are a lot braver than the celebrities on the TV!


One of the perks of the job for Reef and I apart from working with fantastic animals and all the lovely people we meet is seeing the amazing cakes and decorations that people come up with. We are so lucky to have a job that we love doing!

See you at your next Reefís Reptile event with lots of animals for you to look at, learn about and touch!

Donít forget we can also do face painting to make the day extra special...with snakes, lizards, scorpions and spiders. And if you are organising any kind of get together (not just Birthdays) you can still book us to come down....Xmas fayres  / sports presentations  / Christmas gatherings / Team building  / Fun Days . . .