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Well Iím not sure where January went to! Time seems to be flying past. I guess that is because we have been busy!

You will all be pleased to know that Annie the iguana is now doing great after her health issues and has spent some time back in the big enclosure with Kato and if all continues to go well she will move back in permanently very soon. Reef is in the process of yet again vivarium/enclosure building. Renewing vivs, Updating, upgrading, making them bigger and adding platforms more greenery etc. This will keep Reef busy, for many months to come although progress is being made in leaps and bounds. If you are following us on Twitter you will probably get to see pictures up there shortly (well as soon as I get myself a new camera, having broken my last one beyond repair). We have done lots of animal shows already this year. We were recently offered work with a TV company but it was not suitable for us or our animals so we declined! We have had local shows and some afar a field as Yorkshire and we were particularly busy on Australia day!

February 10th marks the start of the Chinese New Year!

This year is The Year of the Snake  What better time for Reefís Reptiles! I am sure all the schools and youth groups are doing snake projects right now so please donít forget to include Reefís Reptiles in all the fun.

Actually for us it always the year of the snake...and the lizard...and the creepy-crawly...and the skunk! We love them all!