Perfect Planning!

2013-05-21 16:20:13

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Well the summer fete, fayre and festival season is fast approaching and of cause that means lots of planning for us. We have a wish list a mile long including new tables, marquee, banners, animal stands, heating/cooling equipment for the animals and far too much other stuff to mention here.

We do of cause, still do lots of parties at this time of year too so on the subject of planning, I thought I would just cover a few things to help our customers’ reptile party events go without a hitch. For the most part Reef and Liz bring EVERYTHING with them that is needed for the shows, so unless there are any special arrangements or requirements to be met (these we would discuss in detail with the customer) all that is needed for the event organiser to provide, is the venue and a cup of coffee for Reef! So hopefully no stress there ^__^

As well as reptile shows, we can also provide facepainting and party bags if you need them! Only a very small space is needed for facepainting (A couple of chairs ready would be helpful). Invites and posters are FREE to print off from our website.

Other things that you may wish to bear in mind are as follows

BALLOONS- Party people love balloons! Balloons are great. Obviously for playing with before or after and not during an animal show is taking place. Balloons (or other decorations) on the gate post or by the door are a fab idea. This makes finding the party venue super easy for guests and your entertainers (that’s us)!

PARKING- Reef’s Reptiles need parking space for their car when they come to visit, so that they do not have to carry numerous animals half a mile down the street. (Being able to park up close, makes for a quick easy set up and a happy Reef!)

VENUE- We are happy to come out to most venues ... your home hall etc. Please remember that although we can do outdoor shows our British weather is unpredictable so plan B (an indoor space) needs to be available.

MUSIC- Most events have music. We are actually considering adding a DJ option to some of our party packages at some point soon. We would however ask for a little consideration for our animals. They are used to background noise but if you have your music blasting out and 40 kids screaming at the top of their voices, it is without a doubt too noisy for us to bring our animals in to set up. No music is needed during our show. Music can be turned straight back on again after but please let us get the animals out of the room before the volume shoots back up!

DISTRACTIONS- We are normally the only entertainment needed at a party however if you want lots of things happening that is also fine but  in our experience having many different attractions (Bouncy castles/balloon modellers/ footballs/ toys/ crafts etc) at a party does mean attention spans of children are shorter. If we are doing a sit down show at a kids party (as opposed to a walk through type event such as a fete) everybody needs to be sat down (ideally bouncy castle let down for a while) because if one or two children are distracted they may be disappointed afterwards to discover they have missed an exciting part of the show.

FOOD- Our animal shows include a lot of hands on participation. We do explain simple hygiene rules to the children before the show. Please do not plan on the children eating or drinking during this time because we will not bring animals around to children consuming food and drink. All that yummy party food can be enjoyed later, after everyone has cleaned their hands.

Hope that helps with planning your perfect party? We look forward to seeing you there!