Fake Spiders

2013-09-12 08:53:37

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Well there go the long hot sunny days of summer and it’s only 3 weeks away from that mega assault course that Team Reef’s Reptiles are signed up for ‘Tough Mudder’.  That sneaked up on us pretty fast so I hope that we will all be in tip top shape for it? Reef has already bought a headcam so there WILL be proof of our efforts...oh dear that is a bit scary! On the subject of scary we have noticed a few Halloween costumes and decorations appearing in the shops already and if the thought of entertaining all of your little Draculas, pumpkin kids and witches, single handed is more terrifying than the masks and fake spiders then don’t forget Reef’s Reptiles can always be booked to come to your rescue.  Halloween parties are lots of fun!

In my last blog post I mentioned that we have a new volunteer...and now we have three!  So things are looking good and on that note I shall stop typing ^__^ Have a great day!