We are ready for the SUNÖand anything else that comes along!

2015-04-05 17:27:12

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We are ready for the SUNÖand anything else that comes along!
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We are ready for the sunshine! Someone please tell the weather that winter is over! Reef has built and seeded the new tortoise enclosure in the garden and bookings have starting to come in for those wonderful outdoorsy fetes and fun days! We have been invited to the Easter Garden, free family event, again this year, which is in our home town of St Helens, so we are excited about that. Last year the animals got to bask in the sunshine at the Easter Garden so didnít need extra heat but I havenít seen the forecast for 14/04 yet so we will be preparing for anything. I remember Nobby the bosc enjoying both the sun and all the attention last year! He also seemed to find something fascinating about the funfair but we didnít let him near the rides LOL. Talking of bosc monitors, our newest member of the gang is George. George is a lovely inquisitive, friendly lizard. A little bit smaller and darker in colour than Nobby. He has settled in really really well and has even been out on a couple of reptile parties, which he took all in his stride.  I am sure he will continue to make lots more appearances so keep your eyes open for him.

We are in the process of having pictures put on our car! So you should be able to spot the Reefmobile when we are out and about and a bit of news that I am sure you will have already heard about but we felt we had to mention anyway, just because we are over the moon about it, is we have been nominated for a very prestigious award this year! Thank you so much to all the people who nominated us as Best Childrenís Party Entertainment and all the people who have voted for us so far. Voting is still open until May 1st so we will have to wait to see if we win but either way we are delighted to have got through to the finals in the national Whatís on 4 Juniors Awards. Donít forget to follow us on FaceBook and twitter! Lots of updates and pictures of our animals ^__^ If you have had photos taken of you meeting Reefís Reptiles then please share them with us too! We would love to see them!