Lizards off duty

2011-06-28 12:43:05

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The last two days have been scortching hot! but we have had some really changable weather lately which means constantly having to check and adjust the temperatures for the animals so that they have the opporunity to thermoregulate properly. When the sun comes out we do try to make the most of it. Our three iguanas Ellie, Annie, and Kato have an indoor and outdoor enclosure but it is really only Kato who likes being out in the fresh air even on the hottest days. The two lady iggies prefering to bask under thier lamps inside!!!

Normally it is only Reef and I who get to wittnes the animals in their 'off-duty mode' but I did take a few quick photographs of two of our chameleons (with a view to drawing or painting from them later) so I will post these up on the blog shortly. So don't forget to pop back to check them out! The photos are of Jester (male Veiled) who many of you will have met at parties) and also Juliet (our shy little female Veiled), who only comes on Reef's Reptile events occasionally, so you may not have seen her before.

The chameleons all have large indoor vivariums with plenty of climbing branches and greenery but they do not have an outdoor enclosure, so when they come out to enjoy the sun it has to be one at a time in our garden. Blue and Banjo our Panther chameleons are still young (very fast and a bit nervey of the great outdoors) so they ususally experience the garden sat on my hand or shoulder however Jester and Juliet do get to will get to see Jester trampoling my flowers! "Yes thank you for that Jester"

Pictures to follow shortly.....and if and when I get around to doing some chameleon artwork I will share that with you all on here to!